Totally Okay is an independent studio focused on illustration and graphic design, based in Sheffield, UK.


Clients include
Coca Cola, Nike, The Guardian, New York Times, The Hepworth, Sheffield Children's Hospital, Virgin, Computer Arts.

Uncanny Valley, Temporary Contemporary, Market Gallery, Huddersfield. This Class Works, 92 Burton Road, Sheffield. Place, Space, Action, Temporary Contemporary, Market Gallery, Huddersfield (2018); A View Of Sheffield, S1 Artspace, Sheffield (2016); 50th Anniversary of the British Road Sign, Design Museum, London. Just Do Good Shit, 156 Arundel Street, Sheffield. Tramlines, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield (2015); Process and Print, Leeds Print Festival, Munro House, Leeds. Pub Scrawl II, Forum, Sheffield. My Patch, Colours May Vary, Leeds. Printing Sheffield, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield. Yorkshire in Yellow, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield (2014); Rawrsome, The Old Sweet Shop, Sheffield. Not For Rental, 71a Gallery, London. Dirtyface Live, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield. Doc/Fest 202020, Showroom, Sheffield (2013); 'It's Always Been You', The Old Sweet Shop, Sheffield. Pub Scrawl, Dada, Sheffield (2012); Creatures, Characters and Communication, APG Works, Sheffield (2011); Wooden Toy / Side C, Concrete Hermit, London. Floodit, Nottingham Contemporary. Don't Believe The Type, The Hague, Netherlands. Send, Riverside, Sheffield. Lyrics And Type / Verse 2, East Gallery, Brick Lane, London (2010); 'I've Never Felt Like This', Forum, Sheffield (2009); Train Car Project, Papa B Studios, Brooklyn, New York. The Little Big Show, Canteen, 238 Dalhousie, Ontario. Los Buenos Munecos Viven Para Siempre, Miscelänea Gallery, Barcelona. Burton Sidewayz Exhibition, MTV Gallery, Sydney. Till Death Do Us Part, Cookiefactory Aalborg, Denmark (2008); Source Material, GardenFresh, Chicago, Illinois. Wurst Gallery Dog Show, Portland, Oregon (2007); Room X, Habitat, Regent Street, London. Freaky People, St Petersburg, Russia (2006);