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One colour silk screen print
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All proceeds going to Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racism educational charity that uses workshops and training sessions, among other resources, to educate on and combat racism.

his was originally intended as a reaction to agitated notions of normalcy brought into sharp focus by quarantine. It’s more appropriate now that it addresses more endemic issues that are for so many, a normality. For somebody in a privileged position it is unimaginable to comprehend the fear, pain and injustice that the black community have felt not just recently, but as an everyday occurrence for generations. We need to show love and solidarity by educating ourselves and supporting black voices where possible to help bolster the fight against systemic racism. This is not solely an American issue obviously and a necessary battle here in the UK too.

The typeface used is an extra condensed black version of Noto, a collaborative type family from Monotype and Google which since 2019 replaced Verdana as Ikea’s brand typeface. In 2020 it was used for its catalogue, the most widely distributed publication in the world at over 200 million copies covering over 800 languages. The catalogue’s spreads project false normals, ideal family life and individuals emancipated by simple furniture solutions, a spectacle we aspire to, any sense of anxiety slightly out of shot.